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Hell Bent, Heaven Bound – Shawnta Pulliam

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with visionary, author, inspirational speaker, and life coach Shawnta Pulliam. She is the founder of Nurturing Hearts, a nonprofit organization in Erie, Pennsylvania, whose mission is to provide supportive leadership and life skills that will prepare girls ages ten to eighteen for a bright and positive future. […]

The Father Project

Living The Dream In Canada host Keisha Johnson speaks with Roger Dundas from ByBlacks.com and Greg Hamilton from Fathers 4 Fathers Organization on THE FATHER PROJECT (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)

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Develop & Maximize Your Potential With IDEN KENNEDY

Kennedy Iden is a visionary architect, an award-winning gospel artist, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Afrocaribe Magazine, The Get Elevated Movement and Business Magnet Directory. His life mission is to help people discover, develop and maximize their potentials. Join us for an incredible conversation today with Kennedy where he […]

The Personal Development Lie – WITH COACH MARIA

The whole idea of “personal development” seems to be a popular idea nowadays. It has promises of becoming a better person, living into your greatness and achieving all of your goals. Given that this is a new year, there is even more interest! Now, have you ever considered that the idea of personal development may […]

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Adventures in Single Fatherhood with Kern Carter

Parenting as a couple can be rough, and even more difficult when you have to tackle it as a single parent. Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Writer, Author and Single Father Kern Carter to discuss what it’s like to be a single father with a 15-year-old daughter, all the trials, challenges […]

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Start 2018 STRONG!

Today on The Gloves Are Off, Grant sits down with his business partner and wife Trish to discuss some of the important steps to take to start your year strong and set the pace for your business in 2018. (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)
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