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If You Played in My Playground – Elizabeth Correia

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Elizabeth Correia, Mother, Speaker, Youth Mentor, Author and Life Coach to share her personal story from her memoir titled, ‘If You Played In My Playground’ A disturbing, shocking, hopeful and inspiring story detailing her life as an abused child in and out of foster care, a […]

Rise Up! We’re “Hear” to Help!

This week on Hear 2 Help You, Dave and Simone provide details on what viewers are to expect from the show. They discuss positive initiatives, and promote prominent business and organizations in the Toronto Community. The show includes an outline of the many topics that will be discussed which includes: African Education, African Economics, The […]

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Human Rights

Today on Hear 2 Help You, We delve into what many do not know about Human Rights. Newcomers who arrive in Canada, have no support systems, and they are often left vulnerable to mediate the experience on their own. We need to improve social services so that we can dramatically change the conditions that are […]

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Money Made Easy

The “F” word… has so much power, doesn’t it? “FUNDS” or money as most people like to call it can be a confusing topic, don’t you agree? It almost seems like the entire financial industry wants it to be that way, but what if it were simple? What if financial institutions were all about educating […]

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Basement Apartments

Basement Apartments

Today on Let’s Talk Real Estate, Jay and Amit sit down Engineer Bhaskar Joshi from Out Of The Box Engineering with TO DISCUSS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BASEMENT APARTMENTS (Visited 141 times, 3 visits today)

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Keeping It Real When Chaos Hits

Chaos can and will strike at any time, whether in business or in your personal life. Grant and Trish sit down and talk about some of the situations and solutions they’ve done to get through chaotic times as “Couple-Preneurs” in business. (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)

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