Creating and achieving long term and short term goals

Today on The Kim and Doug Show, Kim and Doug review tools to assist with creating and achieving long term and short term goals, community programs and services to support you financially, and others that can support you physically.

Rolling Into The DRAGONS DEN with Smiles On Wheels

Today on The Gloves Are Off, Grant sits down with Balbir Kaur Sohi, CEO and Founder of Smiles On Wheels Mobile Dental Hygiene care who was also featured on the popular tv show Dragons’ Den

Good Real Estate Investment advice, failures and success

Jay and Amit talk about the do’s and dont’s of real estate.

How to Change Your Life and be That Hero

John a toast masters club president from Zero2Hired is in studio to chat with Charles about going from zero to hero

From Near Death To Success

Armin Shafee is the founder of Elite Speakers Academy, an award winning public speaker and a certified peak performance coach and trainer. With all of these incredible accomplishments before him, there is also an incredible story behind him that has driven him towards success in such a powerful way. Join us, for an in-depth conversation […]

African Super Heroes Part III -Super Villains

Art Imitates reality! Due to numerous requests, the Hear 2 Help You Team has decided to add to the African Super Heroes Series. This time we are focused on the African Super Villains; what circumstances in their lives caused them to use their God given power for evil? Are we going to see some correlation […]

The Biology Behind Focus, Motivation and Goals

Today on The Gloves Are Off, Grant sits down with Dr. Sachin Patel, Founder of The Living Proof Institute to discuss the actual biology of goals and how to improve your health to achieve the ultimate focus and motivation in your daily life!

I Can & I Will: The Pursuit of Excellence with Kim Niles

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Wellness Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Consultant Kym Niles to discuss her passion for helping people build long-lasting, fruitful relationships through structured mentorship and strategic alliances. Bold, Eccentric, Luminous, and Versatile Kym Niles is a catalyst for positive change.

What an instrument can do for you, Charles sits with special guest Django

Today on CMJ Live, Charles has musician Django in studio to talk about the positive difference having an instrument in your life can make!