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A Crash Course in Cannabis: What we need to know about Legalization in Canada

How much do we really know about the changing regulations associated with the legalization of Cannabis? It’s time to get educated! Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo is joined by Carolyn Tinglin, President of the National Association of Cannabis Professionals discuss how they are working to bring Cannabis Education to the masses with the Cannabis […]

Let’s Talk Mental Health and Well Being

Speaking about our state of mind has been a difficult topic to discuss for many especially in a community where it is highly stigmatized to be diagnosed with mental health issues. Today Alyssa Mahadeo is joined by Addictions & Mental Health Specialist Colleen Taffe founder of T.A.F.F.E Consulting offering specialized professional training and education to […]

The New Paradigm of Student/Professional Skills with Michel Shah

There is no doubt that our world is shifting at an incredible rate. From social media, to artificial intelligence and automation, we are clearly in for a wild ride. During this episode, Michel Shah explains her involvement with supporting students in this transition. She talks about the skills of the future and where the focus […]

The Real McCoy, The Jamaican Maroons, and the Black Loyalist – History Lessons

We couldn’t go through African History Month without sitting down with this man. Meet Rainford Cornish, a Jamaican immigrant living in Canada for 28 years, who has dedicated his life to teaching history at Central Peel Secondary School. Come learn about the Maroon’s, The Black Loyalist and “The Real McCoy.”

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Is Valentine’s Day a sham? Why is that slated as the only day of the year dedicated to love? Who commissioned this? Today on Real Talk Alyssa sits down with Loves & Likes in the 6ix columnist Kezia Royer-Burkett to address the Valentines Day Depression people seem to sink into when they can’t seem to […]