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Your Health is your Wealth…..Make it a priority Now! – Perlette Cassells

Based on her experience with a health scare, our guest Pearlette Cassells realized that she should be asking key questions, to get the critical answers needed to be proactive about her health. Author, Pearlette Cassells will be sharing this experience with you as she asks the question, “So, What Does that Mean Doctor?”

Understanding our Social Conditions – How are they Created?

The whole idea of “personal development” seems to be a popular idea nowadays. It has promises of becoming a better person, living into your greatness and achieving all of your goals. Given that this is a new year, there is even more interest! Now, have you ever considered that the idea of personal development may […]

Motivation to Grow – Learning to Push Past Your Fears- Legal Advisor

Growth comes in many ways, and sometimes it happens so quickly that you can only look back and say, “How did I get here?” This week on Hear 2 Help You, we are happy to invite our very own Legal Advisor, Ms. Brittney Channer. She has just finished her first semester of Law School preparation, […]

The Queen of G.H.E.T.T.O., Elaine Robinson Speaks Her Truth

Today, I am going to start the holiday festivities with a real surprise. We at Hear 2 Help on MyTCNTV Network, have been gifted with the opportunity to sit down with the remarkably beautiful legend Elaine Robinson, Ms. G.H.E.T.T.O herself. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and moved to change. The New Year is upon us.

African Art in Toronto – Quentin Vercetty

Quentin Vercetty is an award winning artist who has traveled and showcased his art in places such as London and Dubai. Before art, he was a troubled black youth without much of a future.Today we will be discussing pertinent issues of black representation in the arts scene and the concept of Afrofuturism, a literary and […]

Is it Possible that My Child is a Genius?

“Why doesn’t my child stay focused?” “Why is my child getting in trouble for talking to much at school?” “Why does my child’s handwriting look like chicken scratch?” These are common questions, and today on Hear 2 Help You we will have an uncommon answer for you. Your child just might be a genius; but […]

African Super Heroes Part III -Super Villains

Art Imitates reality! Due to numerous requests, the Hear 2 Help You Team has decided to add to the African Super Heroes Series. This time we are focused on the African Super Villains; what circumstances in their lives caused them to use their God given power for evil? Are we going to see some correlation […]

Common issues found in progress reports from teachers

This week, Dave and Simone discuss the anxiety that parents feel after getting that first progress report from school. Together, we are going to learn how to deal with some of the common issues found in reports from teachers, and as parents, how you can slowly establish routines in your home that will help your […]

The Alison Hinds Experience

Simone Smith from the popular Hear 2 Help You sits down with Alison Hinds and talks about her upcoming performance at the One Love Benefit Concert and her history in the music industry.

Sustainable and profitable enterprise with Dwania Peele

Have you just launched a business but you’re unsure where to go for support and what to do next? Have you always dreamed of being an entrepreneur? Do you have big ideas but no idea how to focus your dreams in order to create a sustainable and profitable enterprise? If so, today’s show IS A […]