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Human Rights

Today on Hear 2 Help You, We delve into what many do not know about Human Rights. Newcomers who arrive in Canada, have no support systems, and they are often left vulnerable to mediate the experience on their own. We need to improve social services so that we can dramatically change the conditions that are […]

The Realities of Raising African Children; Wait! What if you are not African?

Today on Hear 2 Help You, we sit down with Darcy Hoover, Founder of The Colour of Beauty, and father to four mixed race children. We will be discussing parenting from the perspective of a European male with mixed race children, and some of the challenges he has faced. Sometimes we just need perspective.

The Home School Advantage

Today on Hear 2 Help Simone and Dave sit down with Sandra Smith to discuss the benefits and advantages of home schooling your children

Battle With Depression – Nathan Baya

Our young people are talking, and Hear 2 Help You is listening. We sit down with an up and coming star, Nathan Baya, as he spits knowledge about growing up in the community, mental health, and relationships. For such a young man, he is a wealth of knowledge. Speak Nathan and let the young people […]

UBUNTU: How Are We as A Community Showing Humanity to Others

Today on Hear 2 Help, Simone and Dave take a historical journey into Ancient African Civilizations, to uncover how our communities used to look, and how close we are to replicating them here in Toronto. We will be discussing current community initiatives as well as a heart-wrenching story about life and the lessons it brings.

The Mutabaraka Experience

As an Early Childhood Educator who specializes in children with special needs, Claudia Tomlinson has recently began a company called Seminars4u. Their motto is to perform seminars for individuals that are both educational and entertaining. As a member of the African community, her team including local leader Sankofa, have a passion and a duty to […]

Empower, Develop, Grow, Engage – The EDGE Program

Today on Hear 2 Help we, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Serena Thompson, and Rosa Berdego-Williams, committee members of an extraordinary program called The Edge (Empower. Develop. Grow. Engage). The Edge is a youth program that offers African youth, between the ages of 16 and 20, a unique and transformative experience that […]

The Augustine Experience – Bullies 2

This week on Hear 2 Help You, was a first!!!! We had the pleasure of presenting two segments in our show. The first half of our show was dedicated to what we have dubbed, The Augustine Experience, where we provide coverage of the Rt. Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine’s 80th birthday brunch. The second half was […]

The Importance of African Comic Book Hero’s Part II

What do we have for you this week on Hear 2 Help You? Monica Ramble, Jet, Brother Voodoo, Isaiah Bradley…..If you are a comic book reader, these names may trigger a bell.