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Solange Knowles Health Scare, Community Chat and Knowing your Employee Rights

Learning about Community Events, Truly understanding Changes to the Employment Standards Act in Ontario and the Importance of Solange Knowles Health Scare, all this week on In The Now, With Simone Jennifer Smith on MyTCNTV Network

Social Media and the Destruction of Civilization, Cognitive Dissonance, and Chemtrails

Alright! So today will cause some discomfort; I am warning you in advance because it is my duty. Social Media and the Destruction of Civilization, Cognitive Dissonance, and Chemtrails; How does this all tie together, and why is it important to YOU?

Deceit, Lies, The News – How we are Continuously Deceived by The Media

WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! We need authentic information, in real time, with real benefits to the community. What is the media hiding; how are they continuing to fool us, and how do we take back control over our minds? This week on In the Now, we investigate the deception behind some of what […]

Edward Bernays- Propoganda- What can we Learn about Psychology to Safeguard our Minds

PROPAGANDA! I am going to blow the lid off MEDIA, NEWS PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS. We have to start taking control of what we feed our MINDS! Let us learn what else has been hidden from us on In The Now, with me, Simone Jennifer Smith Part 2 –

PROPAGANDA, PUBLIC RELATIONS, GOVERNMENT NEWS; How does this affect the World Community

Today on In the Now, Simone will be introducing Carib 101 Media Corp and discussing what the company is doing for the community. She also delves into PROPAGANDA, and really takes a look at how media has been playing us this whole time. The time for change is NOW, on In the Now!