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A Crash Course in Cannabis: What we need to know about Legalization in Canada

How much do we really know about the changing regulations associated with the legalization of Cannabis? It’s time to get educated! Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo is joined by Carolyn Tinglin, President of the National Association of Cannabis Professionals discuss how they are working to bring Cannabis Education to the masses with the Cannabis […]

Let’s Talk Mental Health and Well Being

Speaking about our state of mind has been a difficult topic to discuss for many especially in a community where it is highly stigmatized to be diagnosed with mental health issues. Today Alyssa Mahadeo is joined by Addictions & Mental Health Specialist Colleen Taffe founder of T.A.F.F.E Consulting offering specialized professional training and education to […]

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Is Valentine’s Day a sham? Why is that slated as the only day of the year dedicated to love? Who commissioned this? Today on Real Talk Alyssa sits down with Loves & Likes in the 6ix columnist Kezia Royer-Burkett to address the Valentines Day Depression people seem to sink into when they can’t seem to […]

Let’s Get Social!

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Trisha Browning to discuss the TC Business Social a day filled with networking, and making connections with many influential and inspiring speakers offering personal and relatable business advice! Now in its 4th year, the TC Business Social was created to provide business professionals with an opportunity […]

Fighting Against Disease with BrAIDS for AIDS

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Stachen Frederick is the Executive Director of Weston Frontlines Centre, a youth charity in one of the poorest ridings in Ontario and has over 15 years’ international and Canadian experience in community and program development. In 2008, she founded , a not-for-profit foundation that raises awareness […]

Smoothie Report – Would you give your Smoothie an A+?

Have you ever considered what goes into your smoothies? How are the ingredients broken down, how are they beneficial to your health, and most importantly are you customizing them to fit your personal needs? Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Anthony Pereira founder of A+ Smoodeesto discuss his mission to help people […]

Unlocking the Key to Happiness with Ashley-Ann Pereira

It’s always easiest to point out the things we lack. Our shortcomings are obvious to us, but the real challenge is overcoming those obstacles, re-igniting our passion and finding our true purpose. Today on Real Talk, Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Ashley-Ann Pereira, Speaker, Transformation Coach and Author of The Key to Happiness to discuss […]

Meet Upcoming Dancehall Artiste Mocha Remedy

This Friday Guest Host Ashelly Smith hosts Real Talk, diving into Dancehall Artiste Jeanelle Smith’s career life and discussing current and past dancehall news and trivialities.

Adventures in Single Fatherhood with Kern Carter

Parenting as a couple can be rough, and even more difficult when you have to tackle it as a single parent. Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Writer, Author and Single Father Kern Carter to discuss what it’s like to be a single father with a 15-year-old daughter, all the trials, challenges […]

Resolve to Live Your Best Life in 2018 with Brandon Vee

Another year has come to an end and it’s time to reflect and review our accomplishments for the year and make resolutions we hope to keep in the coming year. Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with entrepreneur Brandon Vee to discuss making realistic and attainable goals, creating a schedule of events and […]