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Money Made Easy

The “F” word… has so much power, doesn’t it? “FUNDS” or money as most people like to call it can be a confusing topic, don’t you agree? It almost seems like the entire financial industry wants it to be that way, but what if it were simple? What if financial institutions were all about educating […]

Beat Social Media Addiction with Emotional Intelligence – Coach Maria

Did you know that 91% of mobile Internet access is for social activities with 73% of smartphone owners accessing social networks through apps at least once per day? The reality is that we are a world obsessed with social media as well as technology and this is not going to change anytime soon. During this […]

How Assumptions Influence Leadership

Today on The Visionary Show Jamelle sits down with Tarek Kaoun to talk more on the importance of work-life balance

How To Use Boundaries to Break Free PT2 – Coach Maria

We all know that boundaries and limitations are important but how do we use them to achieve freedom in our lives? How do we even know if we are creating boundaries and limitations for ourselves that are preventing us from achieving success. In this episode of The Visionary Show, Jamelle Lindo engages Coach Maria in […]

The Connection Between Fitness & Business – Brandon Reid

Building a business is hard enough. Could you imagine if staying in shape was a crucial part of your business success? This is the everyday reality of Brandon Reid, a professional fitness trainer and entrepreneur. Brandon shares the story behind his life of challenge and triumph. As a visionary, he will empower you with simple […]

How to Get The Job – John Ribeiro

Today on The Visionary Show, host Jamelle Lindo is joined by John Ribeiro, author, speaker, and coach.

Understanding What It Means to Survive – Coach Maria Piscopo

Today on The Visionary Show, host Jamelle Lindo is joined by Coach Maria Piscopo to discuss what it means to survive, and differentiate between needs and wants.