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Develop & Maximize Your Potential With IDEN KENNEDY

Kennedy Iden is a visionary architect, an award-winning gospel artist, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Afrocaribe Magazine, The Get Elevated Movement and Business Magnet Directory. His life mission is to help people discover, develop and maximize their potentials. Join us for an incredible conversation today with Kennedy where he […]

The Personal Development Lie – WITH COACH MARIA

The whole idea of “personal development” seems to be a popular idea nowadays. It has promises of becoming a better person, living into your greatness and achieving all of your goals. Given that this is a new year, there is even more interest! Now, have you ever considered that the idea of personal development may […]

Emotional Intelligence and Leadershio with TAREK KAOUN

How would you like to add $30,000 to your annual salary? Did you know that research suggests that people with higher emotional intelligence or EI on averga make that much more than those with lower EI? So there seems to be quite a bit of talk recently about emotional intelligence and why it matters, but […]

Is Sex Love? – With Coach Maria

Let’s face it people, sometimes sex gets in the way of our vision so let’s talk about it. So what do you think… Is Sex Love? Why or why not? Share your thoughts on this one, would love to know. It seems that we often struggle with the difference here and it’s helpful to create […]

Sex, Social Media & The Empowered Modern Woman With Simone Jennifer Smith

Today’s sexually driven world makes it challenging for young women to find themselves and understand how to find the balance between sexuality and empowerment. On today’s episode, Simone Jennifer Smith sheds light own experience with these challenges and how she became an empowered modern woman and a visionary leader through it all. Today, she is […]

Muse, The Brain Sensing, Meditation Headband – With Coach Maria

Have you ever heard of Muse? It’s a brain sensing headband designed to help you meditate and it works with EEG technology to tell you how focused your brain is. There’s a good chance that when you think about meditation you probably think about a meditating guru with long hair or a Buddhist monk. Interestingly […]

From Near Death To Success

Armin Shafee is the founder of Elite Speakers Academy, an award winning public speaker and a certified peak performance coach and trainer. With all of these incredible accomplishments before him, there is also an incredible story behind him that has driven him towards success in such a powerful way. Join us, for an in-depth conversation […]

Living Life On Your Terms – With Coach Alexia Giustini

Alessia Giustini is a professional transformational coach and she works with clients to support them to live life on their own terms. Most importantly, she helps people to understand the major role that love plays in their lives and how it can be experienced as a great source of fulfillment. Alessia is able to connect […]

Beat Social Media With Social Media – Featuring Coach Maria

Half of the planet has internet access, did you know that? Researches are also starting to make the connection between anxiety and social media, especially with… the youth. Some are even going as far as calling social media a legitimate addiction. Now the reality is that social media and the internet are not going anywhere, […]