Hear 2 Help You With Simone Smith & Dave Rankin

Helping You Create Your Own Success Story

Hear 2 Help You, is an ideal forum created for our community in order for them to test out, and come to terms with the topics, issues and themes that define our basic values, and what it means to be an African-Canadian citizen. We take a very old form of communication, conversation, and transform it into a low cost, but highly popular form of information and entertainment. “Hear 2 Help You,” represents all the unscripted forms of conversation that exist in our community, and directly addresses the audience in an informative, and nonintrusive manner. This kind of “live,” unscripted talk is one of the basic things that distinguish Hear 2 Help You from other programming found on YouTube, or other Vlog and digital television platforms.

The show’s hosts, Dave Rankin, and Simone Jennifer Smith, are spontaneous, and entertaining, yet highly structured when delivering information. Hear 2 Help You appears on Tuesday afternoon’s 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm EST; this is a time when many people are commuting home, but our viewers are welcome to listen to it or watch it live. They also have the luxury of viewing it at their leisure, on the MyTCNTV Network on YouTube. Hear 2 Help stays true to the two central traditions of talk shows: providing current and relevant news, and entertainment.

As a developing show, Hear 2 Help continues to utilize varied talk show formats in order to serve our community needs:

  • Public Affairs show focus on current issues in the community; these are built around an expert panel
  • Magazine Format, where the show is focused on a single topic, multiple topics or a one-on-one host/guest interview. This is the standard format for the discussion of hard news topics and current world issues.
  • Soft News Talk; these shows mix entertainment, news and public affairs. This show format can be built around a single topic.
  • Special Interest News/Information; Hear 2 Help touches on all special interest news formats that focus on such subjects as: economics, history, religion, education, personal psychology, literature, and fantasy topic (superhero’s, sexual expression.)

Hear 2 Help You allows us to reach our community on a weekly basis; it helps to build a closer connection with our audience, and be able to talk to the viewers directly. We are here to transform people’s lives, uplift our community, and bring happiness and fulfillment to our viewers.

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