The Visionary Show With Jamelle Lindo

Of the 7 billion people on this planet, how many of them do you think have a vision for themselves or the world at large? Now how many do you believe are courageous enough to act on their vision and turn their dreams into a reality? Jamelle Lindo is a professional speaker, certified emotional intelligence coach, trainer and host of The Visionary Show. Tune in as he interviews incredible leaders who have created massive impact in their community by turning their vision into a reality. Also tune in to The Visionary Show: Coaching Edition where Jamelle does live call-in-coaching to move people towards their own vision for themselves and their lives. If you have a vision either for yourself or for your community, The Visionary Show with definitely will inspire you to find your through the stories of others.

From incredible stories about starting with nothing to creating incredible community movements, to live call-in-coaching to empower people through emotional intelligence coaching, The Visionary Show is all about serving as a platform for people to reach the height of their potential for themselves and for their communities. Tune in every Tuesday from 6pm – 7pm EST to watch or be a part of the conversation!

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