Sara Singh Broaden’s her Horizons through Community Leadership

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Sara Singh, local community activist and educator to discuss her decision to join the NDP Party in the 2018 General Election.

Steele Reggae Artist Video Debut

(Steele) Canada star reggae artist The good and the Bad of super star show case video first time to Canada

Home Staging

Today on Let’s Talk Real Estate, Jay and Amit sit down and discuss everything you need to know about staging your home.

3 steps in overcoming Trials and Tribulations

Today’s guest, Janice Scott from Arkansas USA Book 3 steps in overcoming Trials and Tribulations

Money Made Easy

The “F” word… has so much power, doesn’t it? “FUNDS” or money as most people like to call it can be a confusing topic, don’t you agree? It almost seems like the entire financial industry wants it to be that way, but what if it were simple? What if financial institutions were all about educating […]

Human Rights

Today on Hear 2 Help You, We delve into what many do not know about Human Rights. Newcomers who arrive in Canada, have no support systems, and they are often left vulnerable to mediate the experience on their own. We need to improve social services so that we can dramatically change the conditions that are […]

Vision – How do you see your future

Today on The Kim and Doug Show, Kim and Doug shares the importance of imagination, and how we use imagination to form images, ideas, sensations to be creative and resourceful for our present and future.

Reinvent Yourself! – From Tragic to Magic with Mahfuz Chowdhury

Today on Real Talk Alyssa Mahadeo sits down with Mahfuz Chowdhury national award-winning Digital Marketing Manager at Candybox Marketing here to talk about his new book ‘Project Reinvention: The Social Timeline of a Millennial’ sharing his personal development journey, and how he made it through his own personal struggles and reinvented his life from tragic […]